February 15, 2017

Officials please remember that a written game report is required for ALL game misconducts, gross misconducts and match penalties regardless of the time of game the infraction occurred.

Midget AAA is the only league where there are a couple GM that don’t need to be written up, however it is still strongly suggested that there is a report written up on these calls. The only 2 penalties that fall under this is a CFB 2min minor and GM or a 4 min and GM Slew Foot. 

Also all 10 min. misconducts in the last ten minutes of the game or OT  must be written up. 

As we enter playoffs these reports are more important and must be done properly as some teams play the next day and a decision has to be made fast, with a report that is done correctly it helps the league make decisions in a timely manner rather then having to get a hold of different people to figure out what exactly happened.

If you have any questions about game reports please contact a board member and they can answer any question you may have about them.


Thank You

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