Complaints of Officials

The referee’s council will no longer accept letters directly from parents, spectators, team officials, or players. If you feel a complaint is warranted it must be brought by your team manager who will follow the following procedure.

Step 1

Letter from team manager to: a) League, b) Local minor hockey board or c) Hockey Alberta zone rep.

Step 2

If League, Local minor hockey board or Hockey Alberta zone rep. feels there is merit to the concern they will forward the letter to either the zone discipline chairman (Dallas Kleinsasser-West or Jeff Klick-East) or the zone chairman (Jody Ginther)

Step 3

A formal investigation into the complaint will occur. Completed by Referee Council.

Step 4

Response to League, local minor hockey board, or Hockey Alberta Zone Rep and Team management from the SZRC board.

Letter must include the following:

  1. Date of game
  2. Location of game
  3. Names of officials and or referee number (obtained from the game sheet)
  4. Nature of concern
  5. Name, Address (e-mail or home), and Phone number of concerned person.