Reporting Procedures

In order to assist officials when incidents happen during a game that require a written report, we as an executive decided to post some information and guidelines for zone officials to follow. Below will be some guidelines to follow and information you should provide when writing a game report for all leagues.

  1. Make sure the game sheet is properly filled out and all information with respect to penalties is correctly recorded on the front of the game sheet.
  2. If the league you are officiating has there own game reports please use them and if the league does not you use the back of the game sheet.
  3. When completing a game report you need to provide as much detail as possible with respect to the incident. Do not just write what is on the front of the sheet. Provide the person who will be reading your report, information in order that he can envision what happened on the ice. As an example, when you have a check from behind penalty where a player is injured, if the player turned just before being hit, the league suspension may not be as severe when you write the details of the incident to the league official.
  4. Once you are happy with the report you have written, please sign the report and give it to the team official picking up the game sheet! We hope the above assists everyone when it comes to handling game reports with respect to incidents requiring one! Please note that Match penalty reports dealing with Player/Team official on Officials need to be handled as per the reporting procedure discussed at your yearly school. If you have any questions regarding the above or Match penalty on officials reporting please contact any member of the executive and we will be happy to help!