Match Penalty on Official

THIS PENALTY IS THE MOST SEVERE PENALTY IN THE RULE BOOK. The following is a list of procedures and guidelines you should follow when making this judgment.  Please use this form to submit your report. Match-Penality-on-Official-Report-Form-2016


  1. Keep the Game Sheet and Write Up Sheet.
  2. Ensure that you have the following information:
    1. Correct NUMBER of the player or NAME of the coach – if you do not know, ask. Be sure you know BEFORE you leave the arena.
    2. Make sure the proper number and offense are clearly printed (legibly) on the Game Sheet.
    3. Ensure that the Game Sheet has been properly completed.
    4. Player’s Name
    5. Player’s or Team Official’s Team
    6. Time and Period Assessed
    7. Full Description – include all possible factors that led to the incident (state facts, NOT opinions).
    8. Detail the degree of violence in the infraction, the extent of the injury to yourself, if any, and also what happened after the incident – did he leave without taking further action?
    9. After you are satisfied all details of the incident have been reported, make sure your name and referee’s phone number appear legibly on the report.

      Jeff Klick – Match Penalty Coord.
      58 Terrace View NE
      Medicine Hat, AB T1C0A3
      403-527-8206 (Res) 403-502-8912 (Work) 403-504-4819 (cell) 403-529-8403 (fax)

      [email protected]

Be prepared to supply the following information:

  • Your name & Phone number – The teams involved
  • Names and phone numbers of fellow officials – Player’s or team official’s name and team
  • The time, location and league of the game – Rule number the incident applies to
  • The Match Penalty Coordinator will follow up to advise you what will be done and how we will proceed.


Sometimes, the rules are inappropriately used to call a Match Penalty. Please consider the following:

  1. Rule 9.2 Verbal abuse is unacceptable behaviour, but it is NOT a Match.
  2. Rule 6.1 If the player made an attempt to injure you, please ask yourself whether it would have been effectively covered under Rule 9.6.
  3. Rule 9.6a Was this verbal abuse or an actual threat of physical abuse? Please make sure.
  4. Rule 9.6b Note that this rule refers to intentionally touching, holding or pushing a referee. Please make sure that the player did not mistake you for an opposing team player.
  5. Rule 9.6c If you were struck deliberately, please make sure your description relates to this rule. Please ensure the player’s intent. This is the most severe rule – please ensure you are right.
  6. Rule 9.7 Ensure this was not an accident, but was done on purpose. Report only those incidents where an official is involved, NOT player on player.