SZRC Rules and Regulations

This document is based on the Rules & Regulations of the Referee Committee of Hockey Alberta.

1. Dress Code

1.1. All on ice officials must be properly dressed when going to a game, in which they are to officiate in. This is especially important for any league above and including Peewee AA. This includes all AA, AAA, Jr, Sr, and CIS. The association does not want to see officials showing up wearing jeans, sweat pants, hockey jackets, or ball caps.

1.2. Officials who are working AJHL and CIS exhibition, regular season, or playoff games must be properly dressed. A suit and tie, jacket and tie, or sport jacket and tie are mandatory. Officials attending a game in which they are not officiating must be presentable. Jeans and tracksuits are not acceptable at any time.

1.3. Officials who are doing written supervisions shall be dressed properly.

1.4. Skates should be polished, black in color, and have white clean laces.

1.5. Pants shall be black in color, pressed, and clean.

1.6. Jerseys must be clean and the Hockey Alberta crest MUST be worn at all times on the left hand side. The Hockey Canada crest shall be worn on the left hand sleeve approx 2” from the top of the shoulder (Hockey Canada crest is optional but recommended).

1.7. No other crests or emblems shall be worn (pants included) unless designed by the manufacturer.

2. Prohibited substances

2.1. The use of alcohol or drugs prior to the game or during the game is strictly prohibited. Smoking before, during, or after the game on or off the ice is prohibited while the official is at the rink. Upon written complaint, the official using a banned substance (alcohol and drugs) is suspended immediately, and a hearing will be required within 10 days of the date of the zone’s notification letter.

3. Arriving at the Rink

3.1. Officials must be at the rink 30 minutes before scheduled start time. Officials working AAA, AJHL, CIS must be at rink 45 minutes before scheduled start time, as well as any provincial playoff game.

3.2. If a scheduled official is not at the rink by 20 minutes to game time, officials shall contact the assignor and/or try to find a replacement official.

3.3. If the replacement official arrives before the scheduled official, the replacement official works the game. The scheduled official is then considered as a “no show”.

3.4. If the scheduled official arrives prior to the replacement official, the scheduled official does the game. The scheduled official shall be considered late.

3.5. If the scheduled official arrives prior to the replacement official, and the replacement official arrives at the rink, the replacement official is entitled to half of the scheduled official’s game fee. That money will be paid out after approval by the association.

3.6. If a replacement official is not found and the scheduled official arrives after 30 minutes before the schedule start time (45 minutes for AAA, Jr, CIS and provincial playoff games), and is on the ice prior to the opening face-off, the scheduled official will be considered late.

3.7. If the opening face off has already taken place, the scheduled official is considered to be a “no show”, and is not permitted to dress.

4. Conduct of an Official

4.1. The association will not stand for officials criticizing other officials on or off the ice. In doing so, you are disrespecting both yourself and the league association. All criticism shall be directed to the Referee-in-chief (RIC), league assignor, or Discipline Chairman. Upon written complaint, the official will be required to attend a hearing within 10 days of the zone’s notification letter.

4.2. The association will not tolerate officials swearing, using offensive gestures, and racial comments, that otherwise are intimidating comments or gestures to any fan, team official, or fellow official. Upon written complaint, the discipline chairperson or association delegate shall start an investigation. Game officials shall be subject to a fine or suspension, while non working officials shall be subject to suspension.

4.3. No official at any time can accept a game fee that is more than the rate set by Hockey Alberta (which are non-negotiable) for that level. Officials shall be subject to immediate suspension, until further notice from the Discipline Chairman.

5. Scheduling and Travel

5.1. All trading of assignments must go through the zone’s designated assignor. They shall be notified of all trades three days prior to trading, unless special circumstances arise, in order to be deemed acceptable. Officials not in compliance to this rule shall be subject to having games taken away, or reassigned by the zone assignor.

5.2. Days unavailable (Dark Days) shall be turned into the assignor by the 15th of the preceding month.

5.3. When traveling is required, it is up to the referee to contact the assigned linesmen for that game, whether or not it is the referee who is driving. This should be done at least 48 hours prior to game day. Officials should determine amongst themselves who will drive.

6. Appeal Procedure

6.1. Officials have 7 days from the date on the association notification letter to appeal in writing. A cheque must accompany the appeal letter in the amount of $25.00 that will be returned in the event that the appeal is ruled in the official’s favor. Upon written notice, the official will have 10 days to mutually agree upon a time and date for an appeal hearing to take place. Failure to attend, on the part of the official, will result in the matter to favor the association.

6.2. Three officials, including the Discipline Chairman, will be present to rule the appeal. If the appeal is because of a hearing, then only one of the members of the hearing committee will be able to attend.

7. Control Process

7.1. A list of officials, who are not in good standing with the association, shall be listed in each clinic package. Instructors must collect the outstanding fines to allow individuals, not in good standing, to attend a clinic.

7.2. Once a fine has been collected, the Treasurer shall contact the Clinic Coordinator so the list can be updated.

7.3. Officials who are suspended, are suspended from all officiating activities.

7.4. All fines are a percentage of the game fee, in which that official was officiating in or attending at the time of the infraction.

7.5. No fine shall have value less than of $10.00.

8. Payment of Fines

8.1. Officials who have money in holding, by the zone, will be determined immediately.

8.2. Officials who do not have money in holding shall have 7 days from notice to pay their fine.

8.3. If payment of all fines is not received the official will be suspended from all officiating activities until the balance of fines are paid.
If any official has concerns they can be brought to the attention to the zone’s Discipline Chairman. As officials we strive to make our association professional by ensuring and upholding these guidelines and in doing so we can achieve our goal.